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Posted on 02 Jul 2016

An accurate reenactment of me on the day this whole thing started

As a Linux purist, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the ultimate distro that balances clean design and “unix-ness” with daily functionality. I’ve spent the last few weeks distro surfing, and I’ve learned a bit more about the options available.

I’ve used everything from RedHat to Debian over the last few years, and finally settled on ArchLinux as a standard distro that was fast and lightweight enough for me. However, Arch didn’t cut it for a few reasons:


Well, it was actually just that one reason :P

Time to distro surf!

Over the course of a few weeks, I downloaded, installed, and used a different distro every couple of days to see if I liked it. Here are the results:

So, my choice for a Linux distro after installing and using almost every non-systemd based distro known to man is…



*Dodges rotten tomatoes*

Wait, wait, wait! It’s not vanilla ArchLinux. I ditched systemd and replaced it with OpenRC (thanks to the Gentoo guys for writing OpenRC!). My system works just fine, doesn’t run systemd, and meets all my requirements for day-to-day use (plus I’ve used Arch for so long that I can fix almost any issue I run into, of which there are few). It has all the packages I need, has sane defaults, stays up to date with the bleeding-edge and works surprisingly well with OpenRC.

I even figured out how to play CS:GO without PulseAudio! More ways to cut the cruft!

Maybe I’ll write my own distro at some point, but for now, Arch is working out well for me. I’ll probably continue to use it for years (despite its use of systemd), but will quickly switch if any of the distros I’ve listed could work for me on a day-to-day basis. For now, I’ve just got to compromise a bit.